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The Maya Initiative aims to empower underprivileged children by providing them with the necessary life skills and education through the medium of food and culinary arts.

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  1. To provide a safe and engaging environment for children to learn life skills, teamwork, and creativity through culinary arts.​

  2. To create awareness and educate children about healthy food choices, cooking techniques, and the importance of nutrition in their daily lives.

  3. To provide children with mentorship, guidance, and support in their personal and professional development.

  4. To promote community building and social cohesion by bringing children from diverse backgrounds together to learn and share experiences.

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Funding and Sustainability:

  1. The Maya Initiative will rely on donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations that share our vision and mission.

  2. We will seek partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to provide resources and support.

  3. We will also explore revenue-generating activities, such as catering services and food sales, to sustain our operations.

Impact Measurement:

  1. We will track and measure the impact of our programs on children's personal and professional development.

  2. We will also monitor the number of children we reach and the feedback we receive from our participants, volunteers, and stakeholders.

  3. We will regularly review and assess our programs to ensure that we are meeting our objectives and making a meaningful impact on the community

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