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Ski Trip Report

A thousand thank-yous to all of the sponsors and private donors who made the ski trip possible for the Children of Maya. The kids were bowled over by the experience. When Mati, the Peeteli Children Home's director, asked the kids for feedback, they said they couldn't wait to go again to improve their skiing. One young man said he'd go wait in the car for the next trip. "But please bring me food and drink," he added. The trip created amazing memories for the kids, but also for the adults that went with them.

We'd like to offer a public thanks to three organizations that really went above and beyond the call of duty.
First, the Karukella Holiday House ( was a real ski chalet, with every luxury and convenience we could have wanted, from a sauna and hot tub to five very modern bedrooms. There was also a fully-equipped kitchen, which the kids put to good use cooking meals for the group. (See photo in comments of Gijs cooking sausages while supervising a dishwashing crew.)

Second, the Seiklusekeskus ski center ( provided the mountain (see video) and the gear for the 11 kids and five adults. Egert, Gijs, and Valeria, Mati, and Jane served as ski instructors. The conditions were dark and wet, but the esprit de corps of this group never flagged, and everyone had the time of their lives.
Finally, a huge thanks to Jaan Manitski and the Viinistu Art Museum ( Jaan (the museum's owner) gave us the tour personally, telling fascinating stories about the art, charming the kids and adults alike. We know we have a couple of potential professional chefs among the kids, but after an afternoon with Jaan, we won't be surprised if we have an art historian or two.

The weekend made the adults feel like they'd hit the emotional jackpot -- it was a wonderful experience with great kids whose enthusiasm never flagged. 

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